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Men's Health Care

Men's Health Care

What is men’s health?

Men’s health refers to the specific needs of male adults when it comes to health and wellness. There are some diseases that solely affect men, affect them primarily, or affect them differently from women.

Many men’s health issues are preventable with a healthy lifestyle. To reduce your disease risk, you should:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Be physically active
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption
  • Avoid risky choices
  • Visit for annual physical exams and other preventive services, like health screenings we offer several services for men to improve upon their health and avoid chronic illness or offset the results of aging on the body. 

Which services are available for men’s health?

Your Palm Oaks Family Practice provider can recommend the services you need based on the results of your initial intake visit. You should be sure to report any unusual symptoms as these could point your provider in the direction of a suitable treatment. Your men’s health options include:

IV therapy

Several forms of IV nutrient therapy are available for men, including the glutathione drip. Glutathione is a powerful natural antioxidant that boosts metabolism, energy, and overall cell health. 

Testosterone shots

Testosterone shots are injections to treat a hormone imbalance that happens in some aging men called low testosterone. Low testosterone may cause sexual dysfunction, low energy, emotional distress, and other complex symptoms.


An annual physical lets your provider see how you’re doing health-wise. They may give recommendations for healthy lifestyle improvements after taking measurements and running simple tests. You can also get a sports physical to make sure you’re in good shape to participate in your physical activity of choice. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) services

PRP is a substance full of healing and growth factors that come from your blood increasing blood flow to the male organ. The healing powers of PRP stimulate the growth of new tissue resulting in improved ability to achieve bigger, harder, firmer, and more sustainable erections.

Chronic disease management

Men are prone to lifestyle-related chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Your provider works with you to manage them with lifestyle alterations, medications, and support. 

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy uses acoustic waves to stimulate healing and helps to unclog the penile plagues. The proven healing powers of acoustical waves provide men with improved erectile quality and enhanced sexual performance and helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction to perform better.

Shockwave therapy has been successfully proven, to give men a bedroom boost.

Men’s Sexual Wellness

For men’s sexual wellness, Palm Oaks Family Practice offers the Penile shot which involves PRP injections into penile tissue to promote penile growth and firmness. It often works as a long-lasting treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Which issues affect men’s health?

Aging men can experience a lot of health issues, which may or may not be lifestyle-related. You might be at a higher risk for some because of your genetics. You might need some of the men’s health services available at Palm Oaks Family Practice for:

If you have any health concerns or new symptoms, don’t hesitate to book a visit. Your provider can help you find out what’s going on and decide if you could benefit from treatment.

To set up a consultation for men’s health services, call Palm Oaks Family Practice, or book a visit online today.

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